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The word that best describes our work is Passion... passion for IT, passion for creating quality and sustainable IT services and products.

Complete business services

The complete package is structured to meet the customer's full requirements:


Mutual support of users


Management tools and operations


Constantly Developing Business

Desktop applications

User Management Interface


Security for your business


Communication in business

1. Collaboration

The collaboration section addresses two or more people who work together to grow their business.


  • email
  • calendar
  • contacts


  • internal and external portal
  • sending information safely

Presence and messaging

  • online business meetings
  • instant messaging
  • presence and programming

Presence and messaging

  • voice over IP
  • contact center

2. Applications

The application section is structured to help our customers grow and measure productivity.


  • financial
  • logistics
  • HR
  • analytics


  • focused on client
  • client behavior
  • client 360

Client support

  • excellence
  • satisfaction
  • retention


  • business modeling
  • performance

3. Flexibility

The flexibility section is designed to detect incidents that may occur in functionality.


  • backup data in maximum safety


  • avoiding disasters


  • analysis
  • predictability
  • objectives


  • geographic dispersion

4. Desktop applications

The desktop application section is structured to cover all end-user needs, including peripherals.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

  • cost reduction
  • flexibility and fast delivery
  • centralized management and security

Desktop infrastructure

  • workstations
  • laptops

Mobile and peripherals

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • printers

5. Security

The security section is built to protect potential threats and dangers from both inside and outside.

Business security

  • security management
  • security planning and implementation
  • policy-driven policies based on risk

Operations security

  • constant monitoring
  • fast response time to security incidents
  • security-support team

Advanced security

  • security events correlation
  • behavioral analysis
  • behavioral prediction

6. Network

The network section is designed to be at the heart of all IT services that need 24/7 functionality.


  • Cisco certified infrastructure
  • flexible and secure POD
  • software-defined networks


  • routing and switching
  • WiFi analytics
  • using their own devices

Service provider

  • Internet access
  • benefits and MPLS services
  • mobile private networks


The infrastructure section has been designed to help clients with all core services that ensure the correct and complete functionality of your business.


  • VMware based on POD
  • secured rentals
  • datacenter extension


  • EMC storage
  • EMC storage section


  • Cisco platform
  • automatic scaling
  • infrastructure convergence

Core Services

  • DNS / DHCP / NTP
  • files and print services
  • Windows / Linux / Unix servers

Success stories

Insurance company

The challenge
  • developing the IT department to resist the challenges of the market and internal needs
  • the fulfilment of the procedural conditions governing the security of CSA data
  • setting the budget for the IT department to get a market share
The solution
  • virtual desktop infrastructure and the mobility it brings
  • SaaS - Software as a Service
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a service
  • Cisco certifications, VMware virtualization, EMC storage
The benefits
  • secure data security
  • compliance with CSA regulations
  • service level agreement - 99.99% operating time
  • initial investment: 0 (zero)
  • flexibility: pay per usage

Success stories

Holding Group: Production, Logistics, Distribution and Services

The challenge
  • replacing obsolete infrastructure to meet the challenges of the market
  • centralizing the IT department, its procedures, and aligning the new standards
  • minimizing costs
The solution
  • migration of existing infrastructure in Private Cloud in Breakingpoint Datacenter
  • creating capital by recovering existing infrastructure
  • IaaS implementation - infrastructure as service and SaaS implementation - software as a service
  • Cisco certifications, VMware virtualization, EMC storage
  • providing an operational, predictable investment model for core business
The benefits
  • secure data security and accountability
  • cost optimization by centralizing needs, reducing electricity bills and the responsibilities of business representatives
  • move CAPEX in OPEX from an immense initial investment to a predictable model per user per month
  • agreement on the level of guaranteed services, guarantee of return of the invested amount

Our clients

  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Romtelecom
  • Sun Plaza Shopping Center
  • Coresi Shopping Resort
  • Mega Mall Shopping Center
  • Baneasa Shopping City
  • Accenture
  • Raddison BLU
  • Edelweiss laundry
  • Anchor Grup
  • Auchan
  • Puma
  • Bigotti
  • ING
  • Genpact
  • Rompetrol
  • Cinema ONE
  • Salesianer Miettex

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