IT & C security audit

Audit information technology processes

Auditing information technology processes is an integral part of the company’s commitment to having a very good IT system in terms of information security and default risk prevention. Robust corporate governance requires companies to regularly schedule IT health checks or audits of their IT security and infrastructure. Predominantly technology-based in the last decade, our IT & C market is now showing a real interest in accepting and following the best international practices and European regulations for information security management. National authorities have adopted over the years important laws and regulations that support and support the development of the Romanian IT & C market and IT security in an increasingly threatening environment.

Audit securitate

The IT security audit procedure includes the following steps:

  • interviews with the company’s technical department;
  • observing the way the employees work;
  • hardware / software configuration analysis of the equipment;
  • the concept and design of an IT & C security policy;
  • implementing the most appropriate network security solutions;
    secure access systems, locally or remotely;
  • firewall and VPN solutions;
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Vulnerability Assessment;
  • content security (antivirus solutions, web filtering and email);
  • authentication solutions;
  • encryption solutions and digital signatures;
  • security management solutions;
  • developing a comprehensive IT infrastructure and security report.

After the audit, you can get to know the efficiency of the computer system implemented in the company, such as the risks to which the information system is exposed. Then you can be aware of the risks to which the company is exposed if the necessary measures are not taken. As a final step, an optimal solution is recommended.