ERP process chart – BreakingPoint Romania

diagrama erp crm
Monitoring and control
  • Performance analysis
  • Verification
  • Configuration management
  • Risk audits
  • Use recordings
  • Managing contracts
Process completion
  • Elaboration of closure procedures
  • Final process approval
  • Final performance reporting
  • Indexing and records archiving
  • Final improvements
  • Publish resources

Projects and experiences Breakingpoint Romania:

POS system and management
  • Sales and management mode for HoReCa environment
  • Integration with mobile application
  • Stock inventory and recipe
  • Allows management to quantify inventory of declared raw materials through unexpected or scheduled inventory to only some products or to all management
Management, digital signature and time stamping
  • Flow commands
  • Task Management mode
  • Billing Mode
  • HR mode
  • Supplier requests (supply requests)
  • Inventory / management mode
  • Complex reporting system
  • How to deal with sales agents
  • How to connect with courier companies
  • How to chat with clients / courier in real time
  • Mobile app dedicated for reporting
  • Smart TV application for reporting sales agents
Fleet management
  • Supports in real time very large fleets of cars that transmit data over 6,000,000 positions in a day
  • Efficient management of customers and fleets
  • Reports generated from real-time information
  • Dedicated mobile application
  • Performance database system (3-second refresh positions, billions of registrations)
CRM with Live Time Tracker
  • Live Time tracker (you can view the time worked / project of each employee)
  • Task management system
  • Department system and team target
  • Centralization and realtime reporting

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