Starting with 2017, all employers have the obligation to keep a record of the hours that employees perform at the workplace by completing a timetable at the beginning and end of each working

Art. 119. [record of working time]:
(1) The employer has the obligation to keep at the workplace defined according to artitcle 161, to record the hours worked daily by each employee, highlighting the starting and ending hours of the work schedule, and subjecting this work to the obvious inspectors whenever required.



  • Avoid the loss of time with the daily realization of the tables
  • Avoid the costs that you will have with the staff that needs to make the tables
  • Helps to increase employee efficiency


  • Attendance register
  • Auto-timer
  • Planning holidays
  • Organization of employees’ activities
  • Recording work time for the project
  • Cost Centers
  • Equipped with TouchScreen
  • Compatible with:
    • Card reader
    • Fingerprint reader
    • Facial recognition
    • Access by phone
    • Connection via NFC

  • Automatically calculate the number of working days from the current month (without legal holidays and weekends)
  • Comparison of hours worked / hours of break from last month vs. hours worked / hours of break of this month
  • Summary of the days of the current month: how many hours worked each day, up to the current day vs. how many hours they had a break


  • Excel import and export system
  • Quick filtering, by name, card (tag) code, department and status
  • Employees can be set to lay off after a certain date, without the archives of their presence being deleted

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