Breakingpoint cloud backup

Your business is in good hands? Do you have a backup system?

Is your business is in good hands? A massive ransomware attack, called “WannaCry”, which appeared on Friday, May 12, is spreading ever faster in PC networks around the world.

The epidemic continues to spread and has already affected 10,000 organizations and over 200,000 individuals in more than 150 countries.

We offer you, as a solution, Breakingpoint Cloud Backup.

Backup software

Breakingpoint Backup makes backups for individual files and directories directly on a secure cloud, according to your needs.

  • Fully automated!

    AUTOMATED protection by storing private cloud backups - everything without getting messy from your chores!

  • Fast and easy

    Backup and quick recovery, with just one click. Recover everything you've got one hour ago, 2 hours, one week, one month, etc.

  • Simple selection of files and folders

    Simple file and folder selection lets you choose any type of file or folder, whether it's pictures, videos, mp3s or the most important files in your management software

  • Maximum safety

    We use the encryption used by NASA servers (AES 256)!

Our packages

Simple package that provides backup from hour to hour up to 3 days ago, 1 backup per day for the last 2 weeks, and one per month for the last year:

  • 10 Gb - 10 lei per month
  • 24 Gb - 24 lei per month
  • 48 Gb - 50 lei per month

The business package that gives you 1 backup a day for the last month, and one for the month for the last year:

  • 42 Gb - 35 lei per month
  • 84 Gb - 70 lei per month
  • 210 Gb - 175 lei per month
  • 420 Gb - 350 lei per month
Breakingpoint Cloud Backup Breakingpoint Cloud Backup